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As a Philadelphia-based artist, I am constantly inspired by the community around me. I recognize the value in the raw, honest lived experiences of others and the lessons we can all learn from them.


I am a committed collaborator and teaching artist in pursuit of finding truth through expression, storytelling, and exploration. As an actor with experience in film, commercial theatre, devised theatre and new work, I am deeply excited by exploring new territories and would love to collaborate with you! 

"Her reactions are equally genuine and believable as she plays this flawed character who is facing a horrible situation[...]On a whole, Cardoni’s is a strong performance." - Ellen Wilson Dilks, Delco Culture Vultures

"Such an overtly political work risks becoming heavy-handed, but Cardoni head[s] off the worst potentialities by forging [a] rounded, imperfect individual. As [she] adjusts to her circumstances, Cardoni cycles through her range of anger: seething at times, raging at others."

  - Christopher Munden, Phindie

"" I will dare to be bad so that I will be good. I am an artist. I am that I am." - Bill Fennelly, Actor's Creed


Cast as Beauty in...

The Beast in the Bayou

A Touring Production with Enchantment Theatre Company

September 2019 - May 2020

Set in Louisiana with the flavor of an American folk tale, our story transports audiences to a magical world of herons, turtles, alligators and a mysterious Beast. In a little town at the edge of the bayou live a loving father and his two daughters, Grace Elizabeth and Beauty Jane. Beauty loves to explore the swamps and forest but after she has an accident there, she refuses to return. When her father’s livelihood is threatened by the wealthiest man in town, he travels into the forest and accidentally encounters the Beast. To save her father Beauty returns to the bayou and discovers the truth about the Beast. Realizing her true purpose, she bravely protects the creatures that call the bayou home as she stands up to those who want to destroy it.

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Cast as Keely in...

Keely and Du

A  Production with Allens Lane Theater

Directed by Scott R. Grumling and T. Patrick Ryan

March 6 - 22 2020

Du, a right-to-life activist, and Keely, a pregnant rape victim, transcend their circumstances and the ideological issues that separate them. A Pulitzer Prize finalist for Drama, Keely and Du is a mind-probing issue play with a gripping human face. Who is accountable? What is the extent of individual freedom? What are a rape victim’s rights? What are a Christian’s realities of procreation? The passionate and gripping story of these two women exists on the extreme edge of everyday reality.

Pro-Life?  Pro-Choice?  Are you sure?

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