Hello there!

(It's great to have you here)

My name is Andrea Rose Cardoni, and I am an Actor, Narrator, and Teaching Artist based in Philadelphia/NYC. 


I like to consider myself a bit of a renaissance woman, performing in various mediums in the industry - focusing on TV/Film, live theatre, and audiobook narration. Not sure if that phrase is corny, but I think it's fun to say so I'll keep it in anyways. 

Aside from performing, I love teaching performance and playwriting to students, K-12, in the Greater Philadelphia Area. When I'm not with my students or in rehearsal, you can find me crafting little DIY projects for my house and exploring the outdoors!


If it's not obvious, I love to have a busy busy schedule and learn skills from all different creative forms. My favorite part of any creative process is the risk-taking, choice making rehearsal process where we get to learn so much about ourselves and the stories we are telling, and I would love to get to experience that with you!



while you're here,

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